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On the Block Ep 11: The Ultimate Guide to Residential Lease-Up Services for Developers and Builders!
Discover Residential Lease-Up Services with Cityblock Agency! 🏑 Our video explores expert insights for developers and builders in Alberta, guiding you through the process with ease. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to real estate, find essential tips to give your property the attention it deserves. Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction 2:20 - What are the positions on a leasing team? 4:03 - What is the difference between Lease-Up Service and Property Management? 9:40 - The philosophy of still having agents tour buildings in person. 11:18 - What are some key questions to qualify prospects? 14:26 - How important is marketing prior to the building opening? 16:11 - What types of questions should prospective tenants ask? 22:29 - What should developers or builders be aware of when hiring a lease-up service? 25:19 - How early should a Lease-up team get involved in a project? 29:14 - Technologies to consider for your purpose-built project. 31:43 - Conclusion πŸš€ Key Takeaways: - The pivotal role of Residential Lease-up in property success. - Crucial considerations for developers and builders when hiring a Lease-up Agency. - Features that set an effective lease-up service apart. - How to choose the right agency for your unique needs. πŸ’Ό Who Should Watch? - Developers and builders launching residential rental projects. - Anyone interested in optimizing property lease-up strategies. πŸ“Œ Links and Resources: Web: Phone: 403.383.1383 Remember, success begins with informed decisions. Watch now to empower your property development journey with our comprehensive guide to Residential Lease-Up Services! 🌟 #RealEstateSuccess #LeaseUpGuide #PropertyDevelopmentTips #SubscribeForMore #PropertyManagement πŸ πŸ’‘