Services Tailored to Every Project

Our seasoned team brings extensive expertise, enabling us to deliver exceptional results on every project. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that developers face when introducing new products to the market. From luxurious high-rises to contemporary urban developments and innovative home designs, we possess the knowledge and insight to tailor our services precisely to your requirements.

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Project Marketing

We are a strategic sales and marketing firm, leveraging years of earned expertise garnered from work on dozens of projects.

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Luxury Real estate research and strategy

Residential Sales

Enhance your sales performance and amplify your revenue with our comprehensive sales support services.

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Park Central Condo Sales and Lease Up

Sales & Lease Up

Our proven and robust approach to sales strategy for your project maximizes desirability, improves margin yield and minimizes risk.

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Hubspot Solutions Partner Program

Hubspot Services for Canadian Builders & Developers

As a builder or developer, are you struggling with an underutilized CRM or considering one to streamline your Marketing and Sales process and enhance the buyer's journey? Cityblock offers Hubspot solutions built specifically for serious builders and developers. See how a CRM could revolutionize your processes.
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We are the only real estate firm that specializes in providing comprehensive services, both in leasing and sales, tailored to your unique needs. But what does that entail exactly?

First, we delve deep to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives and goals, whether it's achieving sales targets, meeting timelines, or managing budgets effectively.

Second, we actively engage in discussions to identify potential challenges and constraints that might come into play. This could involve considerations such as pre-sale or lending targets, your desired sales velocity – whether it's about selling swiftly or maximizing prices, as well as any financial or timeline limitations.

Lastly, armed with a holistic understanding of your project's landscape, we devise a custom-tailored solution that guides your project seamlessly from the pre-sale launch to achieving complete occupancy or sales success."

Elevate Your Real Estate Venture with Cityblock's Comprehensive Sales & Leasing Services

Experience the difference with Cityblock's unparalleled expertise in Sales & Leasing services. Our objective is to design spaces that resonate with the target market who will renew for years to come. With Cityblock, you're not just leasing a space; you're creating an investment that thrives, delivering exceptional returns and exceeding expectations.
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