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In an evolving landscape where the dynamics of new home sales are constantly shifting, our steadfast commitment lies in bridging the gap between traditional sales approaches and the demands of the modern market.

At Cityblock, we understand that while the concept of new home sales is undergoing transformation, the core of successful sales—effective processes and skilled individuals—remains timeless.

We specialize in revitalizing sales strategies, empowering your team with contemporary methodologies, and fostering a dynamic sales environment. Let us guide you through this transition, ensuring that your sales process and people are not just equipped but poised for success in today's ever-changing real estate landscape.

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Enhance your sales performance and amplify your revenue with our comprehensive sales support services.

At Cityblock, we specialize in empowering businesses in the real estate industry through tailored solutions designed to boost productivity and maximize results.

Our Services

Residential Sales Staff Training

  • Equip your residential sales team with the tools and techniques necessary to excel in today's competitive market. Our customized training programs are crafted to enhance sales skills, customer engagement, and closing strategies, ensuring your team achieves remarkable success.

Builder Sales Team Coaching and Mentorship

  • Partner with us to provide unparalleled guidance and mentorship to your builder sales team. Our experienced coaches offer personalized strategies that drive growth, improve sales techniques, and foster a winning mindset, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

CRM Implementation and Training

  • Streamline your operations and optimize customer relationships with our expert CRM implementation and training services. We assist in integrating cutting-edge CRM systems tailored to your business needs, providing comprehensive training to ensure seamless adoption and maximum utilization by your team.

MLS Listing and Management

  • Efficiently manage your property listings with our MLS listing and management expertise. From accurate data input to strategic optimization, we handle the entire process, ensuring your listings stand out and attract the right audience, ultimately driving sales.

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Proven Track Record

With 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry in Calgary and Edmonton, we've assisted numerous clients in achieving exceptional sales results and business growth.

Calgary Tailored Marketing Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Our services are customized to address your unique business requirements, ensuring a personalized approach to meet your goals effectively.

Expert Real Estate Sales Guidance

Expert Guidance

Our team comprises industry experts equipped with the latest trends and strategies, ready to guide you towards sales excellence.

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