February 28, 2024

Top 3 Effective Sales Closing Techniques

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In the dynamic real estate and residential leasing world, the journey from initial interest to a signed contract is completed with effective closing. It's not just about sealing the deal; it's about building relationships and ending the sales cycle on a note that leaves your client feeling positive and satisfied with their decision. While there are dozens of ways to close a sale, below are the top 3 methods to secure a happy and effective close. 

Understanding the Best Sales Closing Techniques

The Visual Summary Close

You are the painter; their lifestyle is your paint, and your presentation is the canvas. This closing technique requires you, as the salesperson, to listen and categorize your client's pain points, as well as their lifestyle requirements, and tailor your presentation and closing to help them see how your home will help them overcome their challenges or get them one to step closer to their desired lifestyle.

After running through your presentation, outline all the areas where your home will benefit their lifestyle—a 15-minute commute to work, a few blocks away from their favourite coffee shop, a heated attached garage, and 3 bedrooms for their growing family. You will complete your close by reiterating the lifestyle enhancement and include the pain point you are solving. 

"Imagine what it will be like to shave off 45 minutes of traffic at the start and end of your day, as this home will allow you to zip to work in 15 minutes! What will you do with the extra hour of free time?"

"The winters in Calgary are so long; I bet you cannot wait to park your car in your heated garage and say goodbye to that snow brush!"

The visual summary close involves summarizing the clients' lifestyle wishes and pain points to reinforce the value proposition and then directly asking for the sale. This technique helps reiterate the benefits and advantages of the product or service and sway the prospect toward a favourable decision. 

various coloured paint cans, and two paint brushes

The Assumptive Close

The assumptive close is all about building that relationship.

Within sales, if your client doesn't trust you or feels like you omitted information or provided incorrect information, it will be challenging to close the sale. On the other hand, if you take time to nurture the relationship, fact-find and uncover the stop gaps to your client's decision-making process, and effectively gauge their readiness to buy, you are in an elite position to proceed with an assumptive close. 

With this closing style, you assume the client is ready to purchase, and your closing question positions it as such. "From what we've discussed, it seems this home meets your needs. Should we go ahead and start the paperwork?"

Bonus points: in your closing, you can omit the question and complete the close as a statement. "From what we've discussed, it seems like this home meets your needs. Let's head back to the sales centre, get a coffee and start the paperwork!"

A happy woman sitting at desk, wearing a yellow shirt and headset

The Alternative Close

For some clients, it is clear that they need to maintain a sense of control when making their decisions. Often, costly or high-commitment transactions can cause someone in the decision-making party to become overwhelmed and look for that sense of control back. 

The feeling of loss of control happens quite often, and having a closing method to address this type of individual can help you, as the salesperson, get the sale and keep your clients feeling like they steered the ship. 

"Would you prefer the standard package or the premium package? Both options include our custom window treatment promotion."

The alternative close presents the prospect with a choice between two favourable options, both leading to a sale. This technique helps guide the prospect towards a decision while giving them a sense of control.

two large ping pong balls, labelled b and a, and a hand using the thumb and pointer finger to pick up ball b

Remember, with all closing styles, you must build that strong rapport and trust that enables you to carefully select the closing technique that will help your clients make a confident decision! Happy closing!

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