February 15, 2023

The Buyer's Journey in New Home Sales

Cityblock Agency

Understanding a potential homebuyer's journey is vital to success in new home sales. This journey can vary significantly from buyer to buyer, but there are some commonalities that sales managers should be aware of as they guide their team through the process. Let's look at the different stages and how sales managers can help their team better understand the buyer's journey.

Stage 1: Discovery

The first stage of a buyer's journey is discovery. During this stage, potential buyers gather information about what type of home they want, where they want it located, and how much they are willing to spend. Therefore, sales managers must ensure their team understands each property's features and amenities to provide potential buyers with all the necessary information.

Stage 2: Consideration

Once potential buyers have researched and identified properties that interest them, they enter the consideration phase. At this point, sales teams must start getting more personal with potential buyers by taking an interest in their lifestyles and needs. Doing so will allow them to make more targeted recommendations about which property might be best for them.

Stage 3: Decision-Making

The decision-making stage is where potential buyers narrow their choices and decide which property or properties they want to see in person before deciding on one that best fits their needs. During this stage, sales teams must stay organized and track which properties each buyer has seen or expressed interest in so that everything is clear when making recommendations or setting up viewings.

Key Take-Aways

Understanding the buyer's journey is essential for success in new home sales. By breaking down the process into three distinct stages—discovery, consideration, and decision-making—sales managers can help their team better understand what potential buyers are looking for and how best to provide them with the correct information at each step. With this knowledge, sales teams will be well-equipped to handle even the most challenging cases!  

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